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The Dudley Farm Heritage Garden

   Large sunflower with bees
   Photo by Janet Dudley.
Our organic vegetable garden contains unique examples of 19th century heirloom crops. Using an 1893 S.D. Woodruff & Sons’ catalog listing garden, field and flower seeds, varieties were crossed referenced with current Heirloom catalogs and seeds were purchased for the Dudley Farm garden. The S.D. Woodruff & Sons Company was located in Orange, CT lending authenticity to the varieties of crops in our garden.

Vegetables include parsnips, black seeded simpson lettuce, Bulls blood beets, peas, potatoes, pole beans, and sweet corn. Tomato varieties include Brandywine, Ox heart and our favorite, Mortgage Lifter, so named because they produced crops in abundance, generating sufficient income to pay off the mortgage for many early farmers.

The Dudley family sold gladiolas from a stand near the main road, and so gladiolas have returned to the farm in this garden. Other flower varieties include marigolds, zinnias, bachelor’s buttons and red dye amaranth.

Sunlight on pea pods on the vine
Photo by Janet Dudley.
Flax, broom corn, birdhouse gourds and field corn are also grown. The field corn is harvested and dried for winter use as feed for the chickens. A portion is saved for seed for the following year.

We are grateful for the support of New England’s oldest seed company, Comstock, Ferré & Co., founded in 1811 and located in historic Wethersfield, CT. Although we don’t know for sure, it is possible that the Dudley family obtained seeds from Comstock Ferré.

Pen and Ink Illustration by Doug Williamson.

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